Thai classic massage

Classic massage is the basic technique for all types of modern massages.


The classic massage (Swedish) is used to prevent and treat muscle tension and improve mobility of the skeletal system.


A soothing massage treatment for relaxation purposes,  good for all young and old.

 Types of classic massage:

Sports massages, deep- tissue massage, hot oil massage, hot stone massage, anti-stress massage, relaxing massage, aroma oil massages.

Partial massage from 30 min. Full body massage from 60 -120 min.

Prices / Offer


 Thai Sports massage warms up the muscles, improves the blood flow - relaxes the entire muscle fibers due to overstretching during  physical activity.


Sports massage is also suitable for people with reduced mobility and workaholics. The therapist focuses on specific tense area that you may present,usually, associated with some kind of intense muscle activity.

Our sports massage is with Thai  yoga massage elements e.g the flexing of the joints stretching of soar limbs and warming massage techniques. Full body 60-120 min

Quick  relief Sports Massage 30 min i.e back/legs, shoulder/arms/neck Prices


HOT STONE Massage is a Relaxing Classic Thai Oil Massage performed using heated basal stones to activate the metabolism and revitalize the immune system.

Clears persistent hardening and Relieves muscle pain.
Can be combined with Aroma massage

or any oil massage.

DURATION 60-80-120 minutes prices  


Only possible with appointment !!