Thai foot reflexology massage positively influences the whole organism.It activates the immune system and reflects each organ in the body.


Reflexology has been proven to relief stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, migraines, headaches and creates an ultimate healing relaxation and well being.


The treatment begins with a revitalizing foot bath. The feet will be pampered and relaxed.


Thai foot massage uses a lot of  pressure point techniques, on the sole of the feet ,as well as, soothing massage strokes on the back of the feet, ankles to the toes!

You will dream about it for a while how relaxing a foot massage can be!

*Relaxing foot massage lasts 30 minutes

*Intense foot reflexology massage  can last up to approx. 60 minutes. Offer prices

We do not offer foot massage during illness or any early known pregnancy
Our massages are only for relaxation purpose